Meet Martin McLaughlin

A Proven Fiscal Conservative With A Track Record of Success. He's Ready to Be Part of the Solution.

“It has been frustrating to watch Springfield grind to a halt because of an inability to accept needed spending reforms and enact a balanced budget. Meanwhile, as president of the Village of Barrington Hills, we’ve been able to work through our differences to cut spending and taxes. It can be done, but you need strong, experienced leadership to make it happen, and that’s why I’ve decided to run for State Senate.”


Coming from a proven record of success as a small business owner and as the current Village President of Barrington Hills, Martin is running to bring common sense business practices to Springfield and help fix our state. 

Martin will focus on three primary campaign platforms that he is most passionate about, which include:


Attract and Promote Opportunities in Illinois to Create Higher Paying Jobs


Help Illinois Families By Reducing Their Current Property Tax Burden


Protect Illinois Seniors and Prevent Attempts to Tax Their Retirement Incomes


McLaughlin has pledged to hold himself to term limits, like retiring Senator Dan Duffy has done. Today, he called on his opponents to do the same.
Only Candidate with Experience in All Four Counties in the 26th District
Republican State Representative Ed Sullivan, whose 51st District covers the eastern half of the 26th Senate District, announced today his support for Martin McLaughlin for State Senate.
Two years into his time as the Village President of Barrington Hills, McLaughlin seems ready to see if he can apply some of the philosophies he’s brought to serving his community down to Springfield.



“…the candidate who would be most independent and who has the best record of fighting for taxpayers is McLaughlin. In less than three years as mayor, McLaughlin cut the village’s property tax levy, reduced out-of-control legal expenses, reorganized departments and consolidated the 911 system. And he did it with a Village Board that resisted his changes. McLaughlin knows how to do more with less. Springfield could use a lot of that.”


“Of the three candidates running to replace state Sen. Dan Duffy, Barrington Hills Mayor Martin McLaughlin by far has the strongest resume and is endorsed.  Elected as an opposition mayoral candidate three years ago, he has shown he can reach across political divides.”

“McLaughlin supports Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Turnaround agenda and opposes abortion rights, which we believe puts him in tune with much of the 26th District….he has cut the village’s annual legal expenses to roughly one quarter of what they used to be.”

Northwest Herald
In this race, we believe McLaughlin’s pension background would be an asset…We believe lawmakers must have an independent voice. Given the amount of political action committee money being spent in support of McConchie, we question how beholden he’d be to…the PACs supporting him. We endorse McLaughlin.”

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