About Martin Mclaughlin

About Martin McLaughlin

Martin McLaughlin is the Village President of Barrington Hills, a small businessman and a financial expert who is running to bring his common sense private sector experience to Springfield.

Martin was elected Village President of Barrington Hills in 2013, defeating the two-time incumbent by a margin of 57%-43% despite being outspent 5-to-1. In the years prior, the Village had spent recklessly, increasing expenditures 83.5% and hiking taxes a whopping 177%. A conservative from the private sector, Martin brought business principles to a bloated local government rife with cronyism. Despite a 5-1 board opposed to his reform agenda, he successfully reduced spending, cut taxes, resolved previous legal disputes, consolidated departments, and put the village back on a path towards fiscal responsibility. In 2015, he backed a group of reform candidates, and after a 56%-44% resounding victory the new board majority is prepared to fully embrace Martin’s fiscally conservative reform agenda.

The owner and manager of a registered investment advisory firm for many years, Martin has overseen the investment of pension assets, both public and private, through some of the most turbulent financial times in history. As a named fiduciary on police, fire, and municipal pension plans, he has a unique background and experience working with leaders entrusted with public assets. His experience working with individuals, boards, actuaries and attorneys to coordinate interests and provide solutions to the public will serve the 26th District well. Furthermore, his financial expertise and ability to provide sound planning and leadership dealing with complex issues will be invaluable in Springfield.

Martin has been married to his wife, Kathleen, for 24 years. They met at Elgin Academy, where Martin attended on scholarship. He then went on to work his way through college, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University. He and his wife are blessed with 5 daughters, aged 22 through 9. In his spare time, Martin enjoys spending time with his family, and volunteering for community and local causes.



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