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Coming from a proven record of success as a small business owner and as the current Village President of Barrington Hills, Martin is running to bring common sense business practices to Springfield and help fix our state.

Martin will focus on three primary campaign platforms that he is most passionate about, which include: Illinois Business, Illinois Families and Illinois Seniors. Read on to learn more about his thoughts and ideas on these issues.


Attract and Promote Opportunities in Illinois to Create Higher Paying Jobs

For too long, we have watched mainstay Illinois businesses leave this state or considerably cut back their workforce. Meanwhile, our talented workforce is left with fewer and fewer job prospects.

We need to make Illinois business-friendly again so that current businesses remain and thrive, we attract new businesses to Illinois and so that entrepreneurs begin new successful ventures within state lines. To accomplish this, I will work hard to make the state competitive again in the following ways:

  • Reducing the cost of doing business in Illinois
  • Streamlining the regulatory burden on businesses
  • Exploring additional ways to utilize enterprise zones in order to stimulate economic growth in areas that need it most


Help Illinois Families By Reducing Their Current Property Tax Burden

It is becoming increasingly difficult to raise a family in Illinois when homeowners are required to pay an amount in property taxes that, in their lifetime, will eclipse the value of their home. To make matters worse, there is no certainty that those taxes won’t continue to increase, keeping families from being able to plan for the future. It’s gotten so bad that underwriters are beginning to take the potential property tax burden into account in the mortgage process, making it even more difficult for people to buy homes.

For these reasons, I am strongly in favor of implementing initiatives that will help Illinois families, some of which include:

  • Initiating a property tax freeze
  • Managing government spending at every level
  • Investing in transportation and infrastructure improvements.


Protect Illinois Seniors and Prevent Attempts to Tax Their Retirement Incomes

Illinois ranks 38th among states for costs to retirees. We can do a better job of making this state a place where our seniors want to retire so they can remain close to family and their life-long friends.

We must utterly reject the idea of a retirement tax on our seniors. Older, higher income residents are already leaving this state in droves. We cannot solve our state budget problems on the backs of our seniors, as this will only serve to accelerate the departure of retirees from Illinois.

To provide our seniors some certainty, we need to:

  • Reject the idea of putting a retirement tax on seniors
  • Instill sound, stable fiscal policies in Illinois for seniors
  • Explore additional ways to make Illinois an attractive place for seniors to retire
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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is or will be available on the Board’s official website or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

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